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Service include interior and exterior custom design. Both in the round (3D) and flat wall carving (2D) better known as bas relief. The subject matter is limited to the imagination. Previous subjects consist of portrait busts and memorial statues of both people animals, places and objects as well as one of a kind, fine art and folk art sculptures. Other subjects include production woodcarving, architectural woodcarving (both commercial and residential) and specialty furniture.



After the initial consultation to get a better idea of what the client has in mind and providing a sketch (or the client can provide own images, drawings or blueprints), Christopher applies his talent using traditional hand tools, handpicked wood and a combination of traditional and modern methods. By mixing modern equipment with Old World tools, Christopher maintains uncompromising standards resulting in the best quality and efficiency with each and every project.



Christopher caters to the needs of private collectors, antique dealers and restorers, to home owners, architects, interior designers, contractors and landscapers to museum curators. Christopher also offers his multifaceted talents to fundraising organizations to help raise funds for events, causes or organizations. (Inquire below to find out how Christopher's sculptures can raise funds and bring attention to your cause - select the "fundraising" option in the contact form). It doesn’t stop there. Advertising agencies, promoters and event planners utilize his skills as a creative way to promote events, shows and brands through live woodcarving performances. Watch the Red Bull promo video. Last but not least, motion picture studios and producers often acquire the talents of Christopher to sculpt and build custom props for upcoming films.



Christopher is based in a small town called Sterling, Connecticut which is located in the Northeastern part of the United States. For Christopher, there's no place like home. He prefers to work in his studio and ship his works of art globally (depending on government custom regulations), however if the right opportunity presents itself, Christopher will work internationally. Contact Christopher to discuss your ideas, budget, size of project and schedule to determine what would be the best option geographically.


Client testimonials


General questions answered

1How is a custom wood carving commissioned?
Christopher does his best to keep up to date with the admin side of things and respond to each query within 24 hours. A simple call is all it takes. Or complete the contact form on the Contact page with a brief project description. The artist himself says: “Phone calls are preferred so I can still keep my hands working while discussing the details of the project… I like to multi task.”
2What does a custom woodcarving cost?
All work is quoted individually and the final price is based on many factors including the timeline, project complexity, project size, wood species, painted (or unpainted), study materials/photos as reference. “My time is valuable. We only live so long we only produce so much in a life time. Whether I am researching photos subject matter or carving at the bench it all takes time and that reflects in price.” Standard projects require a 50% deposit before work commences. Very large projects may require multiple deposits after each phase of completion.
3How long does a custom woodcarving take?
Again, there are many factors to consider when it comes to a timeline including Christopher’s schedule. There is no set standard unless it has been done before by the artist himself. 75% of Christopher’s work is custom which means that there will always be new territory to explore, making the time prediction a difficult one. An estimated timeline will be provided along with the quote.
4Can I purchase art pieces at a store?
Currently, Christopher does not have a set retail store or gallery. 85% of productions are made to order for collectors. Available works can be viewed by appointment only. Serious collectors can inquire by completing the contact form on the Contact page. Currently, speculation work can be viewed by appointment only. There are future plans to set up an online store as well as a small, by appointment only gallery for speculation and small works.. Watch this space for updates on these plans.


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This page is dedicated to Christopher LaMontagne and his custom woodcarving services. For timber framing, architectural woodwork, furniture making and other related woodwork, please select the "other woodwork" options in the contact form.


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Christopher LaMontagne, a native New Englander, practices his lifelong passion everyday. Part of that passion entails art, woodcarving and types of woodworking among others.

As a young boy, Christopher found himself spending hours and hours sketching subjects and whittling small scraps of wood into little masterpieces - the precursor of the master craftsman he has become today, 45 years later.

Christopher is an accomplished, highly sought after craftsman who has traveled to Europe to study timber framed buildings. He is a multi-faceted, dynamic artist. An expert woodcarver, sculptor, furniture maker, builder, architectural woodworker and wood turner with a multitude of satisfied clients.

LaMontagne's attention to detail is the trademark of a leading craftsman, as the intricate carvings of his work demonstrate. With integrity and innovation, he has found a perfect balance between Old World and contemporary techniques.

The versatility, skill, energy and dedication to his craft is uncompromising, establishing him as a professional who is well suited to to commission projects of any size.

What makes Christopher unique is his talent for taking an idea, thought or dream, whether his own or someone else's and transforming it into reality.

His amazing two dimensional drawings magically transforms concepts into masterpieces that are complicated and visually exciting.

If you have an idea or dream requiring an Artist and Master Craftsman to bring it to life, you don't have to look any further than Christopher LaMontagne.